2019 Rule Book


 Midwest Lighting Sprints

P.O. Box 2080

Olathe, Kansas 66061

P 913-768-1017

F 913-768-4462


No pretense is made of having designed a foolproof set of rules and regulations. Midwest Lightning Sprints racing is a sport designed for the fun and enjoyment of the whole family. There have been attempts to test the rules by deviating from this purpose for which the basic sport is intended. The spirit and intent of the rules are going to be standard by which racing the Lightning Sprint will be guided.  The MLS Board is authorized to decide if an equipment change or design is an attempt to beat the rules.  Any official or representative shall have the right to initiate action correcting a hazardous condition or a condition not in compliance with the spirit and intent of these rules.


The MLS Board reserves the right to prevent any individual from participating in any MLS event. Racing with this Association is a privilege and not a right



The rules and/or specifications set forth within this and any subsequent sections are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of MLS events. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from the publications. Under no circumstances, do they or MLS guarantee against injury or death of any participants, spectator or official.





Article I: Name


The association will be known as the Midwest Lightning Sprints or MLS.


Article II: Object


The specific and primary purposes is the betterment of Lightning Sprint auto racing conditions, the formulation and enforcement of Lightning Sprint auto racing standards, to hold meetings to disseminate information about Lightning Sprint auto racing to Drivers/Owners and the general public, to assist in the scheduling of Lightning Sprint auto racing meets. The general purposes and powers are to promote and advance the mutual interests of its Driver/Owners engaged in Lightning Sprint auto racing and to associate its Driver/Owners together in such a fashion that their united efforts in fostering the interest of the Lightning Sprint auto racing profession will result in tangible improvements insuring their common good, betterment and welfare.


Article III: Driver/Owner and Dues


The Driver/Owners of this Association shall consist of those persons directly or indirectly involved in Lightning Sprint racing who are willing to participate in accordance with the Bylaws and Rules which are designed and tailored for Lightning Sprint auto racing. Each Driver/Owner of the Association is expected to uphold and respect all rules and guidelines as established by the Board and Driver/Owners and to assist to the best of their abilities when called upon to act on behalf of the Association.



Article IV: Protests


1.                    Engine: Protests for teardown must be presented to a Board Member of the Association in writing before the event feature race begins. Only car owners or drivers are allowed to protest another car or driver. Verbal protests will be dismissed and may result in a fine or suspension to the verbal protester. The protest fee is $500.00.  Protester must be present during inspection. Refusal of inspection will be admission of illegality. If the engine is determined to be illegal or the driver/owner refuses to an inspection a $500.00 fine will be paid in cash before the car or driver/owner will be allowed to participate in another racing event. Illegal engines will also result in forfeiture of all Driver/Owner points, awards and money for the evening’s events. The protester retains the protest fees less $50.00 for the tech inspection. All judgments made by the Board to settle a claim must be based on factual evidence. Appointed Tech Coordinator will approve or disapprove engines upon inspection. Protests not requiring an engine tear down shall cost $100.00.


2.                    Non-engine: Protest concerning illegal fuels shall follow the same guidelines as above. The fee is $25.00. The Tech Coordinator will check the fuel and determine legality. If found illegal there will be a $50.00 fine imposed and it will be paid before a car or driver races in another event. Protest fee goes to the Technical Coordinator regardless of outcome.


3.                    Protests concerning race results shall be in writing and presented to the Board no later than 60 minutes after the MLS feature event.


4.                    Safety items are ineligible for protest and should be brought to the attention of the Board and will be dealt with immediately.


Article V: Discipline


Any Driver/Owner (all categories) who conducts himself in a manner tending to discredit or disrepute the Association or does not comply fully with the Bylaws of the Association is subject to discipline and possible termination of Driver/Owner in the Association. This includes any misconduct on the MLS web-site, or social media (such as Facebook, twitter etc), such as voicing opinion about another driver, sponsor, car owner, and or MLS Driver/Owner will result in  a three race suspension for the first offense.  Misconduct will be deemed by the Board.


Discipline pertaining to the Bylaws is the responsibility of the Board of the Association and may consist of a fine, suspension or termination of Driver/Owner in the Association.


If suspended there is a reinstatement fee of $200.00.


Any Driver/Owner or other person may be refused admission or participation for reason or conduct, deportment or any other reason that may jeopardize the goodwill and interfere with the orderly process of a meeting or a race.


Drivers or pit personnel using or under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be expelled from that race and subject to disqualification and/or suspension.


Any driver, owner, pit crew or Driver/Owner of the family found guilty of corrupt practices listed below shall hold drivers subject to reprimand and/or suspension from MLS:


A.       Giving, offering or promising directly or indirectly any bribe in any form to any person having official duties in relation to MLS competition.


B.       Accepting or offering to accept any bribe in any form by any driver or official or car owner in competition.


C.        Conspiring with any other person for the commission of any corrupt practice in relation to MLS competition.


D.       Driver may race under an alias registered with MLS.


Article VI: Liability


The Association is formed and operated for the purpose heretofore stated and will not be liable for any damages incurred by or to any individual or group of individuals in their pursuit of racing. Any person engaged in the sport of racing in any capacity assumes all risks and recognizes the hazards involved and thus releases and discharges the Association, its Board and Driver/Owners from any and all liability and claims of any nature.


General Rules


1.                    Each driver/owner shall pay dues of $50 to Midwest Lightning Sprints. It is due on Jan1 of each year.  Each driver/owner will be required to register with POWRi and pay dues of $100.  This will include $100,000 of secondary insurance. Drivers will be allowed to compete for two races without a POWRi membership.  After two races the driver will be required to purchase a membership.  No points will be awarded until you are considered a member of both POWRi and Midwest Lightning Sprints.  All drivers/owners of this association are expected to become familiar with the rules and regulations and shall conduct themselves accordingly. New members paying dues to Midwest Lightning Sprints after Sept 1 will not be allowed to vote until the following year.


2.                    Participants are responsible for the actions of his/her pit crew.


3.                    Participants are required to practice good sportsmanship on and off the track.


4.                    All drivers must be in good physical condition at all times.


5.                    No use of drugs or alcohol by participants or their crew will be permitted during an event.


6.                    Each driver must be ready when his or her event is called. If not ready the driver may be disqualified for that race.


7.                    Participants who take the green flag will receive points according to his or her finish in that race regardless of whether they actually complete the race or not.


8.                    If during green flag racing, your vehicle enters the infield area participant must re-enter the track in a safe manner.


9.                    Verbal protest and/or violent arguments will not be tolerated. Refer to the protest section.


10.                 Decisions of the Board in charge are final.


11.                 All participants must present a neat and clean car meeting all specifications of MLS.


12.                 A minimum of seven days advance notice is required to be given to all owners and drivers for any races added to the schedule after the first race of the season. 


13.                 The Board reserves the right to inspect and approve all phases of design and construction of any car. The Board may disqualify any car that is deemed dangerous.


14.                 Any car with an illegal engine must be rechecked and approved by MLS Board before competing in any future events.


15.                 MLS Board must settle all trackside disputes that involve racing procedure. Should any participant have a complaint with a race track official or administrator he or she will immediately bring it to the attention of the Board or Board Driver/Owner who will in turn deal with the necessary parties and bring the problem to a conclusion. Under NO circumstance will a participant directly approach the race track official.


16.                 Any person within the area of an event who at anytime causes bodily harm to, strikes or assaults any person shall be immediately ejected and barred from future events.


Safety Rules


1.                    A 5 point 3” seatbelt shoulder harness with metal to metal quick release hook up no older than 3 years is required.


2.                    A full face helmet with the latest 2 Snell Helmet ratings or better is required.


3.                    Arm restraints, fire suits, gloves and neck collar are required. Fire resistant two layer suit is recommended. It is highly recommended to have a head and neck restraint system. Collar is not required with a head and neck restraint system.


4.                    A minimum safety pod of a one piece helmet/head restraint which extends on each side of seat bolted securely to seat.


5.                    A kill switch and/or a fuel shut off valve are required and must be within the driver’s reach with arm restraints on. The switch must be clearly marked and must disconnect electric fuel pump (if they exist) and ignition. A fuel shut off valve is required and must be clearly marked.


6.                    The minimum age for a driver is 13. Proof of age may be required. A notarized document stating the permission of a parent or legal guardian is required if the driver is under the age of 18.


7.                    The minimum driver head clearance is 3” measured to top of roll cage.


8.                    MLS reserves the right to disqualify any car that is judged unsafe by the Board until corrections have been satisfactorily completed.


9.                    A fire extinguisher is required at each pit area.


Regulations and Specifications


1.                    Frame roll cage minimum 1-1/4 x .095 wall 4130-N Chromoly Steel Tubing mandatory.  1 3/8 X .083 or .095 wall 4130-N Chromoly Steel tubing is highly recommended.


2.                    Wheelbase minimum 65” maximum 74”.


3.                    Driver’s feet are required to be behind the firewall and motor.


4.                    Fire wall must completely separate the engine from the driver’s compartment.


5.                    Steering gear is mandatory (rack and pinion acceptable).


6.                    Steering wheel must have a rim type quick release hub. (no pins)


7.                    Car is to resemble a Sprint car, particularly hood and tail.


8.                    Floor pan must extend from the front of the seat to the firewall.


9.                    Must have hydraulic brakes capable of sliding rear wheels.


10.                 Fuel type must be either gasoline or alcohol. No Nitro, nitrous oxide or oxygen enhancing fuel additives are allowed.


11.                 The letter “A” for alcohol or “G” for gasoline must be present on each side of the neck of the tail tank assembly for track and safety crews.


12.                 Bumpers and nerf bars must be bolted to the frame. Nerf bars cannot extend past the outside of rear tires and cannot have any sharp edges or corners.


13.                 Racing type roll bar padding is mandatory. No water pipe insulation.


14.                 Coolers must be located in a shielded area outside the driver’s compartment and cannot extend above or be located behind the driver’s head.


15.                 The MLS is a stock engine series. Engine shall be a 4 cylinder, 4-cycle naturally aspirated production motorcycle engine year 2000 and newer with a maximum 1000cc displacement. Bore and stroke must remain stock. Stock OEM castings with serial numbers are required. Stock OEM parts such as pistons, connecting rods, crankshaft, cam shafts, valves and head castings cannot be altered. No factory race components may substitute the above items. Engine components must match the claimed engine model and country of origin. You are allowed a maximum of .010” milling of the head for cleanup. Oil system may be modified for reliability. Electronic or mechanical fuel injection allowed as well as carburetors. The engine model must have been in production for no less than 2 years. Year 2000 or newer engine transmissions must stay with all gears operable. The center of the engine (center between 2nd and 3rd cylinder) may be offset for C/L of frame no more than 6”. Engines must be self-starting and capable of taking off with a clutch from anywhere in the pits or on the track. No ZX 12 engines will be allowed.


16.                 All Drivers/Owners must maintain spec sheets on their particular year of engine (2000 and newer) and have the spec sheets with them at the track. Older style 1100 cc engines are allowed and will not exceed 1205 cc displacement. Engine must be naturally aspirated (fuel injection or carburetors computerized fuel management systems are allowed). Any deviation from these rules must be approved by the competition director. Competition director’s rulings are always final. The competition director and race director reserve the right to adjust any regulation for the necessity of fair completion. Standard tech will require the owner to remove the spark plugs, possible injection, and possibly side covers. In case of a protest either induced by another driver/owner or MLS board, the engine tear down will be limited to the above and the removal of the cylinder head. Competition director and/or qualified tech personnel will assist in all these actions. In the event of a multi-day race protest will be delayed until the final race.


17.                 Chain drive is mandatory. It must be the final drive. Chain must be sufficiently guarded to completely shield and protect the driver and fuel tank. The chain guard must be constructed of a minimum of 13 gauge steel or equivalent and extend through the driver’s compartment. The chain must be completely enclosed within the driver’s compartment. If chain is outside of the chassis it must be covered where it passes the driver’s compartment.


18.                  Wheels must be 13” in diameter.  All tires must be a minimum of 62” in circumference.  American Racer tires can be used until  June 30th.   After that date MLS will ensure that Hoosier Racing Tires are the only tires utilized in competition on all wheel position.      

Approved Hoosier Tires:

Right Rear Tire: SP2, SP3, SP4 or USAC Spec 80 or 84”

Left Rear Tire: USAC Spec and  D12 or harder

Front Tire any Hoosier Tire


19.                 Car and driver minimum weight is 950 lbs. with a wing. Car and driver minimum weight is 920 lbs. without a wing. For engines larger than 1001cc car and driver minimum weight is 1025 lbs. with a wing and 995 lbs. without a wing. Any weight added to the car must be securely bolted to the frame.


20.                 Non wing cars must have a number on the nose of the car. The number should be a minimum of 10” tall.


21.                 A muffler is required at Grain Valley Speedway.


22.                 Aftermarket engine control module(s) or fuel management systems(s) will be permitted. Electronics that provide traction control are prohibited. No aftermarket plug-in traction control devices, wheel speed, or chain sensors will be permitted. All electronic components may be inspected, sealed or confiscated by the MLS at any time. The maximum penalty for utilizing traction control is a 1 year suspension from competition and a loss of all points earned for the season.


23.                 A Midget/Micro/Sprint tank must have a bladder. No metal tanks without a bladder or fuel cell inside. A drag race type fuel cell will be allowed without a bladder. Rollover valves or a fitting with a hose used as a safe guard for rollover fuel spill and proper bulk head fittings used for fuel or electrical fuel pump in the tanks will be mandatory. An SFI rated fuel cell is highly recommended. All tanks/fuel cells must be securely mounted between and/or behind the chassis frame Driver/Owners in a safe place.


24.                 No cock pit altering chassis or suspension devices allowed during an event, i.e. computer controlled shocks, cockpit adjustable shocks, torsion bar/blade adjusters, etc. (exception: wing sliders, brake proportioning valves, Dial-A-Jets). The knobs on existing adjustable shocks can be relocated behind the driver seat, as long as the driver cannot adjust the shocks while they are on a yellow flag or racing. 


25.                 The battery must be mounted securely to frame. No wire or rubber cords can be used to mount the battery.


26.                 Top wing size is to be no larger than 16 sq. ft.


Competition Rules


1.                    Pill draw for heat race lineups by everyone, including rookies, with the rookies still starting at the rear.  Where you finish the heat race will determine how you start the feature event.  If there are 12 cars or more signed in, the winner of the 1st heat will roll the die to determine how many rows (1 thru 6) of the feature to be inverted.  If there are 11 cars or less signed in, then everyone will redraw to determine the lineup for the feature. Rookie drivers with yellow flag will draw/roll for position and then revert to rear position in same row, according to drawn number.


2.                    Changes in the race format can be changed at the discretion of the Board and/or track promoter. The Board may start any driver at the rear of the field until that driver demonstrates sufficient driving ability. A rookie driver must display a yellow ribbon on the rear roll bar of the car until the Board sees sufficient driving experience to remove it.


3.                    Cars stopping under a yellow flag will restart from the back of the pack. If you pull into infield you may re-enter the track under a yellow or red flag condition only and will start at the back of the restart .  If you go to your pit during the race you are done for that race.


4.                    Any driver who intentionally bumps another car before, during, or after a race on or off the track will be disqualified from the race. No points or money will be awarded for that event. Repeated offenses will be grounds for suspension.


5.                    Any car emitting excessive oil, water, fuel or smoke will be black flagged from the race for safety.


6.                    The end of the race will determine when the lead car receives the checkered flag regardless of how many laps the rest of the cars have completed.


7.                    A driver that qualified the car can be replaced. No additional points will be awarded to either driver or car owner for the rest of that race program. The car will start at the rear of the feature for which it has qualified. It will be paid for its finishing position.


8.                    All cars that run in the feature race must have participated in at least one qualifying race. Exceptions will apply if less than 24 cars fill the starting line-up for the feature.


9.                    Each car must have the driver or a representative of the car attend the MLS drivers’ meeting before each evening’s event. Failure to attend this meeting will cause the car to start at the tail end of the heat race.


10.                 On a red flag only the people for the cars involved in the accident will be allowed on the track if the track allows.


11.                 Cars must be approved by the Competition Director or Board Driver/Owner of the Association to start and pull off for their heat races under their own power from the staging area; if not they will start at the back of the race unless the problem is corrected for that night of racing  All cars must be in the staging area on time to be checked for the start and pull off. The only exception is multiple races on the same weekend.


12.                 If the car complies for the heat race but cannot comply for the feature that car will not be penalized for the feature event and will remain in its original starting position.


13.                 The top three cars finishing in the heat race will stop at the scales immediately after the heat race coming directly from the track and will be weighed. Turn car off when approaching the scales and do not re-fire until car has cleared the scales. The top five cars finishing the feature will stop at the scales immediately after the feature race coming directly from the track and to be weighed.


14.                 If you are involved in a yellow flag with a loss of forward motion and it is your second yellow flag incident, you will go to the pits.


15.                 A full 360 degree spin is considered a yellow flag incident whether it causes a yellow flag or not.


Points System


1.                    Points are earned by actual finishing position regardless of non-Driver/Owner car’s finishing positions.


2.                    A car must take the green flag in a heat race or a race to receive points and earn tow money. All cars that arrive at the track will receive 10 show up points.


3.                    Points will follow the car/ car owner driver. The points earned for a race in which a certain car is driven will also follow that car.


4.                    No points will be given to a driver whose car does not have all the required sponsor decals.


5.                    The top 15 drivers in points will share in the point fund money and prizes. 


6.                    You must participate in 75% of the races per season to be eligible for point fund monies and trophies.  Any other awards and prizes can be received by all paid Driver/Owners.


7.                    If only two races are ran in an event the first race will be scored as a heat race and the second as a feature.


8.                    To be eligible for the Rookie of the Year, you cannot participate in more than 5 feature events the previous year with MLS. When you take the green flag for the 6th feature event, you cannot run for Rookie of the year the next year.


9.                    1st  offense from disqualifications due to fuel or engine will cause a loss of points and prize money for that night’s event. You will still receive 10 show up points and $35.00 tow money for the evening.  If you are disqualified for weight, you will be placed in the finish behind the last running car on the track for that race. A blatant violation of weight is a disqualification you will not receive any money or the 10 show up points for the night. 2nd offense is a 2 race suspension and no points or money.







Finish Position             Feature     Heat      Trophy Dash

1                                              100            44                        25          

2                                              94              38                        20  

3                                              88              32                        15

4                                              82              26                        10

5                                              76              20                          5           

6                                              70              14                          2

7                                              64              8

8                                              58              2

9                                              52              2

10                                           46              2

11                                           40

12                                           34

13                                           28

14                                           22

15                                           16

16                                           10

17                                           9

18                                           8

19                                           7

20                                           6

21                                           5

22                                           4

23                                           3

24                                           2

25                                           1


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